My development workflow

My development workflow

This Story is only for my structure for my development projects. Every developer has a specific workflow and I hope to get some advice from you and probably am I able to inspire the one or other. I try to be as precise as possible.

the idea for a project

I use git with Github as my VCS. There I have a repository for ideas where I create an issue with a new idea. Since I have nearly 100 repositories at my GitHub and other stuff to do the ideas wait there until I have time and motivation.

the issue

The issue contains, for example, a title with a buzzword or something which describes it in 1-3 words and as issue description, I have a preset which contains a short description (mostly the title in a longer variation) some important points for the project like needed APIs, connections, group project or private project and other. Usually is an issue there for about 1-4 month open and then closed with a repo link for the issue.

project start

When the project repo is created and the idea issue closed I write a README file that contains the parts from the issue if they are still needed, mostly like needed APIs, connections, and usage.


Before I start coding are there some important decisions to think. The most important is are the API(s) forcing to use one specific language? Which language is the best for this project? When all questions are clarified I start choosing my IDE. I use Jetbrains IDEA for java projects and for javascript I use VS Code.

coding begin

Since I'm new in js and don't have a workflow there, I focus me on java projects. So mostly I recommend using a maven or Gradle where I prefer Maven. Then I start the project and write the necessary code and if needed some libraries which help me to improve things.


The coding part takes mostly about a month to a half year or longer. The most important point is: never stick at one problem or one language. If you have a problem at one issue then move on or ask for help. Probably do you have a use case in this project where another language or tool is better, then use it, if you don't know it, learn it.

project ending

The definition is not that clear. I mean when would you say is a project finally ended? Mostly I say a project is ended when I have an LTS version.


Since I code mostly backend software or bots or things like that I need to host it. For hosting, I use my own servers which are at my local server. Sometimes I use servers from other hosters.